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Joshua 1:8 teaches that the key to success in life is constant exposure to and meditation on the Word of God. Today’s2013-04-03 21.05.45 Quote From God is a daily devotional designed to constantly expose Christians to the Word while providing thought-provoking challenges to aid in mediation.

Here is more about Today’s Quote From God from its founder, Robbie Romeiser:

I love to learn. I love to be illuminated by the discovery of something I never knew or that I’ve long forgotten. I also love to teach. There is nothing more exciting to me than to share my discoveries with others and to see the light of understanding brighten their faces.

Today’s Quote From God merges both of these loves, being for me both a reason for learning and a venue for teaching. When reading God’s Word, the Lord regularly grabs me by the nape of the neck and hammers home a lesson I need to learn. Oftentimes, I hear the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit paraphrase the words of Scripture into a short, poignant sentence that my little brain can grasp easily, and that’s the “quote” you see at the top of each blog entry. Hence the theme, “Today’s Quote From God.”

profilepicture-professional.romeiserWhen I learn a lesson from Scripture, I desire to relay it to others who would, I think, benefit from the lesson as well. Today’s Quote From God allows me to do just that, and this website is my invitation to you to listen in on the conversations God has with me as I read His Word.

I hope you find this site a blessing to you, and I trust that God will use the words within this site to illuminate you as He has used them to illuminate me.

In Christ,

Robbie Romeiser, Founder
Today’s Quote From God

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